Lawyers Who Will Maximize Your Total Disability Benefits

If catastrophic injuries from a workplace accident have left you unable to earn a living, you may be able to claim total permanent disability (TPD) benefits from your employer's workers' compensation benefits provider.

Total permanent disability is a legal term that is assigned to you by your treating physician. It means you are unable to work in your job or any occupation for which you are suited by training, education or experience. Blindness or the amputation of both arms are examples of workplace injuries that most likely would qualify someone for TPD benefits.

Experienced Legal Guidance Is More Important Than Ever

These cases may seem straightforward, but in many ways they are among the most complex workers' compensation cases to resolve. It is more important than ever to enlist the services of a knowledgeable and experienced workers' compensation attorney who will advocate on your behalf.

If you have suffered serious workplace injuries that prevent you from returning to work, the lawyers at Hanna Leung, Professional Law Corporation, in San Francisco will help you maximize the benefits you recover.

You may recover up to two-thirds of your weekly salary for the rest of your life, plus cost-of-living increases. TPD benefits are provided along with the cost of medical care and are payable in addition to any benefits you have received for temporary disability.

We Can Review Your Case During A Free Consultation

Insurance providers are frequently reluctant to pay permanent disability benefits due to the cost involved. The insurance company may argue that your injuries do not constitute a permanent disability. We have the knowledge to protect your rights.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation so we can review the facts of your case and provide an assessment of what you can expect. We represent clients in San Francisco and throughout Northern California.