Workers' Comp Following Toxic And Chemical Exposure

A worker who is exposed to harmful chemicals or toxic gases on the job may suffer serious injuries or death. If this happens to you, or if a family member is injured or killed as a result of workplace exposure to chemicals or fumes, you may have two possible legal remedies — a workers' compensation claim and a personal injury lawsuit. The attorneys at Hanna Leung, Professional Law Corporation, can review the facts of your workplace incident during a free consultation and recommend an effective course of legal action.

Our experienced workers' compensation and personal injury lawyers maximize the amount that injured parties recover in both areas of law. In some cases, it is possible to pursue both types of claims following a workplace accident. You may be able to recover compensation even if a significant amount of time has passed between your exposure and your illness. These cases are complex, however. The important first step is to consult with a law firm like ours that has a successful record of pursuing full compensation for injured workers.

Exposure To Chemicals Can Cause Permanent Injuries

Although these types of accidents occur most often in industrial settings, they can happen in any work environment. It is an employer's responsibility to make sure all employees are fully protected and all proper safety precautions have been taken when dangerous chemicals are in use.

Harmful exposure can occur through contact with the skin, breathing in fumes or accidentally swallowing a chemical. Exposure can be short term (acute) or long term (chronic). Either exposure can be harmful. The impact may be immediate or may not occur until a significant amount of time has passed.

Injuries that occur most often from exposure to toxic chemicals include:

  • Burns and rashes
  • Respiratory and lung injuries
  • Neurological damage (brain injuries)
  • Damage to reproductive systems

We Pursue Disability And Wrongful Death Claims

In some instances, injuries suffered from exposure to harmful chemicals may leave victims unable to work again, in which case we will pursue permanent disability benefits. If a victim's injuries require long-term care, we will work with a life-care planner to identify the full costs of services necessary to help with medical bills so the victim does not suffer financially as well.

If a family member has died as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals, immediate relatives may be able to recover compensation for the decedent's lost future earnings, pain and suffering that occurred before the victim died, lost companionship, and more.

You Only Pay Attorney Fees If We Collect For You

Our attorneys work with clients from all walks of life. We speak multiple languages, including Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog and Spanish. There are no upfront costs and you will only pay attorney fees and any costs associated with developing your case if we obtain a recovery for you. Schedule a free consultation today.

We have helped thousands of workers in San Francisco and throughout Northern California collect the workers' compensation benefits and personal injury compensation they deserve.