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Work With An Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Under California workers’ compensation laws, any individual who is injured at work or who exacerbates a pre-existing condition during the course of a workday can file for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are designed to:

  • Cover all medical expenses necessary to treat your injury or illness
  • Cover a percentage of your wages while you recover from your injury
  • Provide disability pay if you lose wages because you cannot return to your same job or if you cannot perform the duties of any job
  • Provide death benefits to surviving family members for an individual who dies from a work injury or illness

You Need Someone Who Is In Your Corner

As you can see, there are a number of workers’ compensation benefits to be aware of. It is a smart idea to enlist the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can maximize the amount that you recover.

If a workplace injury was caused by a defective product or third party, such as a subcontractor, you may be able to pursue a personal injury case in addition to your workers’ compensation claim. We can help.

At Hanna Leung, Professional Law Corporation, in San Francisco, we advocate aggressively on behalf of injured workers from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds in all types of workers’ compensation cases. Attorney Hanna Leung has practiced law since 1986 and has represented injured parties in workers’ compensation cases since 1995.

It is important to understand that your employer is not responsible to advocate on your behalf. In fact, because employers want to contain their rising insurance costs, they may view a denied workers’ compensation claim as positive news. You need someone who will watch out for your rights and put you in the best possible financial position. After all, you should not have to suffer the financial burden of being injured at work.

How We Can Help

We assist clients in a number of areas, including:

  • Collecting medical evidence to support specific or cumulative injuries — We assist injured workers whose injuries stem from a single incident or are the result of continued stress related to work tasks.
  • Assisting with medical treatment — An employer may provide a list of doctors it has approved to treat injured workers from a medical provider network (MPN). We help our clients find the best doctor to treat them.
  • Claims related to exposure to harmful chemicals — Toxic chemicals can cause serious and permanent injury or death. Victims — or victims’ families — may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit in addition to a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Guidance regarding depositions — An employer’s insurance provider may wish to depose an injured worker who has filed a workers’ compensation claim. We can provide guidance and prepare parties for this important step in the process.
  • Guidance regarding resolution of your claim — An appeal of a workers’ compensation claim can be resolved through a settlement or a hearing before a judge. We strive to help our clients reach the best possible outcome.
  • Sometimes, a worker’s injuries prevent him or her from returning to his or her job or any job. In these instances, we help determine the proper amount of total disability benefits he or she deserves.
  • We answer a number of common questions regarding workers’ compensation claims on this website and can answer any of those that are not addressed in a free consultation.

Act Quickly To Protect Your Rights

If you are injured at work, it is important to report the injury immediately to your employer and contact a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer immediately. There are a number of time-sensitive steps that must be adhered to in order to collect the full amount you are owed.

Call 800-373-7320 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. We will review the facts of your case, provide a candid assessment and recommend the best course of action.

Remember, there is no financial risk to you to enlist our services. We only collect attorney fees if we help you recover benefits, including back pay for lost wages.